I’m an economist and an Associate Professor of Economics at Charles University, Prague.

As an independent, global-minded economist and researcher based in Prague, I aim to contribute, through research and recommendations, to improving public policy and thus people’s lives in the Czech Republic and throughout the world.

All my papers are listed in my CV.

Recent academic journal publications:

Working papers and policy reports:

Research in progress (working versions available upon request):

  • Decomposing the Declining Effective Tax Rates of Multinational Corporations, with Javier Garcia-Bernando and Thomas Tørsløv.
  • Where does your money go? The European Union’s public tenders and tax havens, with Miroslav Palanský and Jiří Skuhrovec.
  • Illicit Financial Flows and Trade Mispricing: Systematic Pricing Patterns in International Trade, with Alex Cobham and Jan Mareš.
  • Transparency just for show? Evaluating country-by-country reporting data in the extractive industries, with Saila Stausholm and Marek Šedivý.
  • Financial transparency’s piecemeal progress: Evidence from the Financial Secrecy Index 2009-2018, with Miroslav Palanský.
  • Tax havens, financial secrecy and intermediaries, with Miroslav Palanský.