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Recent academic journal publications:

Working papers and policy reports:

Research in progress (working versions available upon request):

  • Decomposing the Declining Effective Tax Rates of Multinational Corporations, with Javier Garcia-Bernando and Thomas Tørsløv.
  • Where does your money go? The European Union’s public tenders and tax havens, with Miroslav Palanský and Jiří Skuhrovec.
  • Illicit Financial Flows and Trade Mispricing: Systematic Pricing Patterns in International Trade, with Alex Cobham and Jan Mareš.
  • Transparency just for show? Evaluating country-by-country reporting data in the extractive industries, with Saila Stausholm and Marek Šedivý.
  • Financial transparency’s piecemeal progress: Evidence from the Financial Secrecy Index 2009-2018, with Miroslav Palanský.
  • Tax havens, financial secrecy and intermediaries, with Miroslav Palanský.