Courses at Charles University:

02/2019–                    Public Economics (graduate course; supervisor and lecturer)

02/2017–                    Public Finance (undergraduate course; supervisor and lecturer)

09/2010–                    Principles of Economics I & II (undergraduate course; supervisor and lecturer)

09/2009–                    Supervision (90+ Bachelor and Master theses; 8 current PhD students, 2 PhD graduates)

09/2010–06/2018      Economic Policy (undergraduate course; co-lecturer)

09/2011–06/2013      Economics and Law in Banking and Finance (PhD seminar; co-organiser)

02/2012–06/2012      Integrity, Law and Economics (graduate course; supervisor, co-organiser and co-lecturer)

09/2009–02/2011      Bachelor’s Thesis Seminar I & II (undergraduate course; teaching assistant)

09/2009–02/2010      Development Economics (undergraduate course; co-lecturer and teaching assistant)

09/2009–02/2010      Economics I & II (undergraduate course; teaching assistant)

09/2009–06/2010      International Trade and Finance (undergraduate course; teaching assistant)

PhD student supervision:

2016 – 2020    Miroslav Palanský, Aix-Marseille Université MA, a solo-authored paper in Public Choice; an EU Tax Observatory research fellow (2021–); a data scientist at the Tax Justice Network (2019–).

2017 – 2022    Sarah Godar, Berlin School of Economics and Law MA, a solo-authored paper in FinanzArchiv: Public Finance Analysis, an EU Tax Observatory researcher, Paris School of Economics (2021–).

2019 –             Natalia Li, University of Sussex MSc, Overseas Development Institute Fellow 2017–2019.

2019 –             Marek Šedivý, Charles University MA, a solo-authored paper in Review of Economics of the Household.

2020 –             Daniel Kolář, London School of Economics MSc., a solo-authored paper in Post-Communist Economies, a visit at Kiev School of Economics in 2022.

2021 –             Evgeniya Dubinina, CERGE-EI M.A., a solo-authored paper in Post-Communist Economies.

2021 –             Bathusi Gabanatlhong, Cardiff Metropolitan University MSc (co-supervisor).

2021 –             Alessandro Chiari, City, University of London MSc.

2021 –             Valeria Secchini, University of Turin MSc., papers in Symmetry and Physics of Life Reviews.

2022 –             Kristin Dilani Nadarajah, Roma Tre, Witwatersrand, and University of Paris joint MSc.

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